Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My first post

I have been thinking of surrogacy for a few years now. It mostly became a calling after I lost Ethan.

I realized the magnitude of loss and what that looked like, and how someone who really wanted a child but couldn't do it by themselves could benefit from my help.

I was scared though, I thought I would be turned down because of losing Ethan, and I was right a year after we had our next child. I applied to an agency and I was turned down.

So I did what I would typically at first thinking irrationally and I gave up. Then over time I just kept feeling this push to do it. So last summer I gave it another shot and applied to three agencies and I was turned down by one but accepted by two.

So I began the intense process of completing all paper work, getting all old records, and let me say with 5 kids of my own from two seperate doctors that was no easy task.

It took me over 6 months to just get to the 100% accepted point in the process. But I was estatic.

Now here we are in April and I just got back from Texas last night.

I went to have the psychological evulation done, the blood work and other screenings and the ultrasounds.

It was fun to get to be away but more exciting because of the new prospects that this was really happening. I get to carry someone else's baby for them and help complete their dream.

My Ip's are a sweet couple and I can't wait till contracts are signed and we get to talk more and get to know them and their two other kids too!

It looks like we are shooting for a possible June transfer, so here is to Hope, and all things that can be accomplished with it.

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