Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Ready Set GO!!!!!!

That's what today has felt like.

Several weeks back I started my first round of injections and I was so terrified.  You see, this girl hates needles.  And I mean HATES needles!!!!!

And to think this was the little one.

But in the end I knew the outcome of what I wanted to give was worth the pain.  So the first day I made a good friend drive all the way over to my house for support, and really to try to talk her into giving me the shot.  But she wouldn't.  I can't say I blame her either, I am not sure I could of done it to someone.

So then I called my sweet second mom Nan and she cheered me on, and I finally just did it.

The weeks went by with ultrasounds, pills which made me feel a little cranky as of this week.  And flights scheduled to land in Texas this Friday and the transfer for this Saturday.

Then Monday I got a call to start my second set of shots.  Good old big huge needles!!! And I mean huge.  I was terrified and couldn't do it so I made Nan.  She accepted the task.  But standing in her kitchen not sure where to cry or laugh.  She broke out in prayer and I noticed her hands shaking.  She was even fearful to do it but just got it over with.  And really it was painful but not near what I thought once again!

Today however, I had to do the shot myself and it sucked.  I put the needle in but could only do it a little bit and it hurt so I pulled it out.  Then I iced it for 20 minutes and tried again, and that was much easier.  So lesson learned if I do it myself then ice first.

And here we are today, suppose to leave in 3 days and I got a call that we need to be in texas tomorrow and the transfer on Thursday.  I panicked and a millon emotions went through my head.   From here we go, to Oh crap this is real.  To praying my heart out that this would take this time.  I want so much to fill this familys arms.

Then the scrambling began. trying to find someone to watch the kids so my husband could go.  The timing however, couldn't of been any worse really.  No sitter ment no husband.  Other things like friends closing on their first house, people not being able to take off work etc.  Prevented almost my entire support system from being able to come.  But in the end, God provided in a strange way and the woman I've adopted as my other mom is coming.

So here we GO!!!! I'll be in Texas tomorrow and hopefully I'll get knocked up :)

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