Wednesday, November 28, 2012

And we wait......... And then....

So the hardest part of surrogacy for me began... The waiting.....and waiting.... Did it work? 

I started testing way too early I think.  I fried my nerves more by testing at 5 days past the transfer.  But on day 6 I saw a faint line, day 7 one that made me go ok... This is real and a day later a good one worded test "PREGNANT"
I think I cried.......

Then the best part of the journey.... Texting my Ip's telling them to call me...  And the call came.  I said something along the lines of  "I have something to tell you.... Your going to be parent's".  And the tears on the other end of the phone...Well they made me cry.  And then more so than ever did my life change in this journey.  It solitified that this journey was right where I was suppose to be.  God planned this for me.. For I & L

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