Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Transfer day June 21st 2012

I have been horrible about updating this blog and I feel terrible because it's something with so much meaning and I wanted to have this as a keepsake.  So I guess I will be posting several posts up till where we are now.

June 20th 2012~  Nan and I finally got a flight out of Denver to Texas but that was no easy task at all.  We spent from 1130 or so at the airport unil 9pm when we finalyl got a flight out.  We missed our first flight and it was stressful but really in the end it was comical and we laughed so hard spending a day  in our home town.  And I think we became so slap happy people thought we were nuts!  And honestly I wouldn't blame them.

We got to our hotel a little after midnight and fell fast asleep.

The next morning my nerves were a mess!! I was excited but so fearful of the possibilty of the baby(s) not sticking.  We read from the bible that morning and I gave it to God, it was out of my control.

We met with Kristina from the agency for breakfast and then she took us to the clinic.

Where I met my Ip's for the first time.  Talk about even more of a rush of emotions............

Then went back into the room filled with several peopleand nurses.  And we sat just watching on the screen as they inserted two little eggs, and it was an experience I am not sure there are words for.

And the journey began, back to the hotel where we ate lunch and I passed out laying on poor Nan while we watched a movie.

Our flight home was just as exciting as the one to Texas..... Got up before dawn got to the airport and they had a security breech.  Which made us and a few dozen people miss their flights.  So we got to hang at Texas airport for another long day...

But in the end we got home and rested...

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