Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Getting ready to take off.....

Here we go.....

In a little less than 4 hours I will be on the plane with one of my best friends/adopted mom and it's a flight that will lead to the unexpected I am sure.  But I know we don't travel alone.

I however didn't sleep much at all last night, from the cramps I was getting from the med's to the anticipation of the event.  I was up till 1 am, then awake again at 2am and 4am.  Finally awake at 5 am for good.  It's only 9:30am here and I feel like I've been awake forever.

Then I took my cocktail of pills this am, and was overwhelmed by the amount of stuff I needed to take.

I am asking for prayers and good thoughts, that we will be blessed with this transfer and the journey can really begin for everyone.

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